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Emerging Designers


Tou Kuok Hong

A Gambling World II

Category: Lighting Design

Design Statement

“Since I want to survive, I have to win it all.” Every resident in Macau are deeply affected by the dramatic flourishing of gambling industry. Living in such a big casino, everyone seems to become others’ bet, exchanging their lives for numbers. In “A Gambling World II”, the main concept of lighting design is “rotation”. By means of the rotation of lights, the stage made up by boards and sands is transformed into roulette. The light is like the ball on roulette, deciding people’s fate and becoming a non-negotiable factor on the stage, which implies that we are living in a gamble.


Tou Kuok Hong

Email Address: ketamine.tou@gmail.com

Theatre Company Step Out & Approaching Theatre

The Premiere Date of Production 2015-12-10

The Premiere Space of Production Macau Old Court Black Box Theatre

Author Koh Choon Eiow

Director/ Choreographer Koh Choon Eiow

Set Designer Wu Hsiu Ho

Lighting Designer Tou Kuok Hong

Costume Designer I Ting Yang

Sound Designer Lin Yu der

Other Creative Collaborator/s Co-Playwright: Mok Sio Chong