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Shauna Meador

A Doll's House

Category: Costume Design

Design Statement

The concept statement for our production of A Doll’s House was “The Last of the Champagne”. This metaphor suggested the unhappy end of the effervescent party, albeit fleeting effervescence, that was Nora’s life. The color palette reflected colors associated with champagne- the green of the bottle, beige or pink of the champagne, gold and black labels. A simplified Victorian silhouette and textures of wool, silk, velvet, and brocade evoked the time and richness of the period. Nora’s colorful, open neckline dresses contrasted with Mrs. Linde’s neutral colored dresses and high necklines to denote the differences in status and the life experiences of the characters. Similarly, Torvald’s gold hued, subtle plaid, three-piece suit reflected his superior status to Krogstad, in rough, brown, woolen separates. Dr. Rank’s all black wardrobe underscored his morose point of view. The scenery also embraced the notion of a “simplified silhouette” with open walls and minimal furnishings, as well as a more simplified color palette focusing on beige, tan, brown, and gold with very subtle bits of color. Lighting was predominantly warm suggesting a candlelit mood.

Shauna Meador

Email Address: scmeador@me.com

Theatre Company University of Central Arkansas Theatre Program

The Premiere Date of Production 2014-04-10

The Premiere Space of Production Bridges / Larson Theatre

Author Henrik Ibsen

Director/ Choreographer Dr. Kevin T. Browne

Set Designer Stephanie Yancey

Lighting Designer Josh Anderson

Costume Designer Shauna Colclasure Meador

Sound Designer Elizabeth Ulsperger

Other Creative Collaborator/s Ruthann Curry Browne- Choreographer