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A little bit of nude

Category: Lighting Design

Design Statement

《A little bit of nude》It is all about human nature. We all born to be abnormal, just a little part. This little part not easy to be aware, but when we were naked, we all can see it. Thus, the lighting concept is to find out the abnormal inside us.

Isolation of single and the massive
Sixteen dancers were danced in this piece. Multi-focus and multi-event were happening at the same time. It is not the way that only one single group was be lighted up. Thus, one color of wash and special were chosen for a scene. And the isolation is done by intensity changes among the dancers.

Single angle of light
In compare with the dance concept, only one angle of light was chosen for each scene to emphasis different sides of human and only the chosen side was been seeing.

The use of darkness
Darkness area was used as obstacle and boundaries for the “dancing people”. Dance area was not only defined in the marley, but also the whole theatre. As a metaphor, the darkness area shows the boundaries between human and how people shuffle when they try to cross the boundaries.


Email Address: tzeyulai@gmail.com

Theatre Company School of Dance, TNUA

The Premiere Date of Production 2016-05-26

The Premiere Space of Production Dance Theater, Performing Arts Centre, TNUA

Author XiaoXiong Zhang

Director/ Choreographer YuJu Lin

Set Designer YuJu Lin

Lighting Designer TzeYu Lai

Costume Designer YuJu Lin

Sound Designer YuJun Wang