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Professional Designers


Yul Wang

3D Holographic Multimedia Performance“Legendary Zunyi”

Category: Set Design, Lighting Design

Design Statement

The 3D holographic show “Legendary Zunyi” makes full use of advanced multidimensional imaging technology, which seamlessly coordinates with the stage scenery, lighting effect, and dancing performance. The show represents the cultural and historical events that have taken place in Zunyi from prehistorical to contemporary times. Illusionary visual effects are created combining performance with multidimensional imaging technology and lighting.

Yul Wang

Email Address: 754891827@qq.com

Theatre Company ZunYi perporming Arts Group

The Premiere Date of Production 2016-07-01

The Premiere Space of Production Hui Chuan arts centre

Author Pengjian Zhang

Director/ Choreographer Pengjian Zhang\ Changhui Xie\Leek Wanjoon(Kor.)

Set Designer Yul Wang

Lighting Designer Yul Wang

Costume Designer Xiaodong Cui

Sound Designer Haoyu Bai

Projection and Multi-Media Designer Cho Jaehoon(Kor.)、Qian Feng