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Professional Designers


Yul Wang

acrobatic show“Amazing Da Tang"

Category: Set Design, Lighting Design

Design Statement

The stage design of Amazing DaTang used the Chinese visual element ,and frused the technique of modern stage visual .We gave out a new gener of Chinese element ,and more power and sense of movement on the stage .

Yul Wang

Email Address: 754891827@qq.com

Theatre Company Suining acrobatic troupe

The Premiere Date of Production 2012-05-01

The Premiere Space of Production Qin Yuegong theater

Author Fei Tong

Director/ Choreographer Jiapeng Wang

Set Designer Yul Wang

Lighting Designer Yul Wang

Costume Designer Xiaoling Xing

Sound Designer Limin Liu

Other Creative Collaborator/s Executive Director: Dong Gao\ Lei Jia\Yali Hu