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Emerging Designers


Ramina Korganbayeva

“Migration” series

Category: Set Design

Design Statement

In my two works from the “Migration” series, “Syrian Refugees” and “Ruralization” (Counter-urbanization), I would like to draw attention to unprecedented migration in the world. Concept of the layout “Syrian Refugees”. The layout basis is ocean – a tragic place where people dye trying to reach their targets. The center of the composition is a refugee has destroyed room, desolate after fighting and bombing. One wall depicts doors of embassies of different world countries. Some doors are completely closed for the inhabitant of this room, while others are open. Another wall is modeled: the wall is either sliding becoming blind, or expanding showing us a window. A kind of “window to Europe” is a symbol of the hope for salvation. There is a white building above the layout symbolizing a kind of politics, government or country managing and shaping the fate of people from the “third world countries”. Concept of the layout “Ruralization”. The concept of this work is the reverse idea and continuation of the theme “Syrian Refugees” at the same time. The center of the composition layout is a kind of a tree of life: living upturned rose root trying to live and grow through the plastic ventilation grilles. This tree is the basis of everything; its roots strengthen our earth; green foliage provides clean air; humus gives us fertile land; and it is a symbol of the infinity of life. However, it is driven into “concrete jungles” of modern human settlements.

Ramina Korganbayeva

Email Address: korganbaeva92@gmail.com

Theatre Company N/A

The Premiere Date of Production 2016-05-20

The Premiere Space of Production Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T.K. Zhurgenov, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Author Ramina Korganbayeva

Director/ Choreographer N/A

Set Designer N/A

Lighting Designer N/A

Costume Designer N/A

Sound Designer N/A