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United States of America

Jeff Quinn

A Flea In Her Ear

Category: Performance Design

Design Statement

Feydeau lived in exciting times, or maybe, exciting and tacky times. Like Miami in the 1980's. Armed with the certainty that nothing will make humans behave more foolishly than sex, we took on this dangerous farce with straight faces! The set for acts one and three expanded a bit to allow a few extra flats, and an elevator, to slip in for the hotel of act two. All three acts shared the same ceiling. If you don't know the play, act two features a hotel room with a bed on a turntable to "whisk away" any partner who must not be discovered in one's room. It's a vaudeville act! A false proscenium, shown in slide six, was unfortunately cut for budgetary reasons. Everyone gets laid! Everyone lives!

Jeff Quinn

Email Address: jquinn829@comcast.net

Theatre Company New World School of the Arts

The Premiere Date of Production 2014-04-03

The Premiere Space of Production Gerrits Theater

Author Georges Feydeau, adapted by David Ives

Director/ Choreographer Andrew Noble

Set Designer Jeff Quinn

Lighting Designer Jeff Quinn

Costume Designer Estela Vrancovich

Sound Designer Matt Corey

Other Creative Collaborator/s Artistic director, Patrice Bailey