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Professional Designers

United States of America

Jeff Quinn

A Streetcar Named Desire

Category: Performance Design

Design Statement

A 130-seat black box. We wanted the play in our audience's laps, the claustrophobia of a marital home with an extra woman, the strangeness of mid-century New Orleans. The apartment is laid out "shotgun" style, one room after another, with no hallways. If you open the front door and fire a shotgun, you hit everybody. The scenes shift between the home and the street, so we mounted the apartment on a wagon that could play down center, or pivot diagonal left. Another wagon, the streetcar, delivers Blanche to the slaughter in the first act. Singers from the neighborhood covered transitions and added local color. There's no sky. We sense the time of day by the color of the light on the palm fronds overhead and on the shutters which block out prying eyes, and create a little shade. Blanche never had a chance.

Jeff Quinn

Email Address: jquinn829@comcast.net

Theatre Company New World School of the Arts

The Premiere Date of Production 2015-10-09

The Premiere Space of Production Gerrits Theater

Author Tennessee Williams

Director/ Choreographer Stuart Meltzer

Set Designer Jeff Quinn

Lighting Designer Jeff Quinn

Costume Designer Estela Vrancovich

Sound Designer Anton Church

Other Creative Collaborator/s Artistic director, Patrice Bailey