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I-Liang Wang

A Woman of No Importance

Category: Set Design, Alternative

Design Statement

Stage design concept

Temporal development of the play is full of Victorian architecture in the United Kingdom in 1895. Conflict point with a dramatic upsurge in new life and thinking of the old traditional opposition, the main characters are divided into two groups, based on the tradition of aristocratic society, with the new generation of young people or society marginalized. But conflict between two ethnic groups, on how to build a stage space, the director with the dual nature of morality itself to irony between the two, the external vision of subjective perception, the moral is incomplete due to the fact that needs do adjustment and stage design is used on a dual symbol of visual realism and impressionistic juxtaposition way to show their opposition and conflict between the traditional and the new generation of life.
So every scene in realistic piece of writing, are set visually extending out from a big frame to the stage, extending as folding books, on behalf of the traditional frame, and the story of life as a real plot Tak development, such as the folding external display. From the perspective of dramatic dialogue on the point of view, because the secret of the gradual disintegration (the middle of the second act that the whole third act) and the attendant problems solved (fourth screen) but there has been portraying. For Victoria during construction of Asian in style, emphasizing the use of props, scenery, diversity and the use of steps from the deconstruction and reconstruction of them, to build beauty. Therefore, the first act is a Victorian-style building villa when the main scene, but by three large windows perspective to people's behavior within the villa, while the local scene in the main wall fly lifted, the second act is the presentation hall, and behind three large windows of the hall after the third act with a large window, and the fourth stage curtain left a small window design, have the same function, so that the audience can vaguely see the outdoor actors action to meet the theater audience voyeurism also expressed drama secret disintegration hint.
Design Considerations moving line topology using science and reversed inside circulation space concept all show moving line can cycle, interior and exterior can be communicated, not only in communication but also the performance behavior of the visual communication.
Finally, the overall atmosphere of the presentation requires the use of lighting and stage technology, and the river is carried out under low-light vision of the audience, the stage is to let the audience peek fun, be smooth in order to achieve a sense of drama, and therefore change the screen complete within two minutes while the play there are many psychological drama of passion and external performance results require excellent lighting design, set design and lighting effects are also presented for the design thinking, windows, curtains, door, crystal chandeliers, set the color plan, also lighting effects make the show, and with the actors with costume design effects to the stage to present a holistic design aesthetic.

Performance director and stage design concept:

Act, the main hope through Hongzhuang garden, to construct an aristocratic life in the cozy, glamorous look reveals a layer of pedantry, no work in life, resulting in limitations of life and vitality among drilling moral loopholes self-seeking way out.
Pattern on the stage, hoping to construct a major moving lines between in and out through the house and the outdoor environment to create a certain aristocratic pattern, discard the original visual effects house, emphasizing the use of terrace space. We hope by way of intention with respect to a simple construction of the terrace where, but on the whole, through the characters and space to highlight the major Victorian beauty and the beauty of the situation. The main entrance is left stage (built into the outdoor space from the main object), right lower stage (from the courtyard to enter the garden pavilion), left the stage (connecting courtyard with trees or bushes). If it can expand the existing terrace. There are outdoor tables and chairs, and a servant preparing food with long square table on the terrace.

Act II, through the woman's meal party, tells the moral point of view in a new era of British aristocratic women who already suffer contempt and disregard. Hyster embellished by a short moral insistence, not only a thankless task, relatively eat a lesson. At this time there are sub-wife comes into play, so that the focus of the story, and from the banquet guests who suddenly turned to Mrs. Asia who guide the audience and ease of adults to find "Jay if I (his) son," and ya Mrs. struggling, constantly watching the situation was out of control and helpless end.
On the stage, a living room atmosphere, the evolution of outdoor sky from dusk to night (light to deal with these changes, it ended when his wife is in Asia, accompanied by candlelight in), living room furnishings showing Lady Hung score years of life and a long family history . On behalf of moral and aesthetic life of flowers or other decorations can be emphasized.
Sofas and other furniture and offers four Lady Hester Hongzhuang start a women's postprandial chat.
The men came after by a woman's position and expand links. The need to create a terrace on the upper left the stage with a spatial sense peep extending from the outside and the inside.


Act III, scene which focused mainly on the convergence of the second act in the past, the time is now to fight back his son. Adults with easy to overcome the feeling of trying to son into real nobility, in the process, highlighting the influence of Jeremy personality and value at sub Mrs. teachings. Also between the conflict shock of the Yi adult "rhetoric", "This world is made to fool smart people live" to the moral way into the bottom. But at the same time, but also because easily arrogance adults, as well as moral slander, causing people to join the war Hong Fu Yi adults between Asia and wife. Jerome saw leaving Hester only cheek to explore sub-lipped wife, but found that she would not wish so, thus seeking to discourage Asian Mrs. Jerome. And let the final part of the secret revealed to take complete. (The audience understand the story of Mrs. Asia, I do not know if Jay remaining), and finally by Hyster humiliated, so that the event completed a full exposure.

Stage atmosphere, which is an open space, similar to the concept of an outdoor scene, this is a temporary stay in the role, and thus the flow of the role will be the key consideration, including import and export right lower stage, stage left, stage right upper, left the stage, and a transparent window on the stage you can see the move on the terrace. Among the studio's artistic atmosphere it is very important, in addition to painting outside, there may be a statue or other art exhibits (in the center of the stage, so to walk in the center and must not be stagnant flow). A sofa, and a living room atmosphere but different, like a similar concept art gallery seating. Lines can be an important atmosphere of this screen, the concept with the flow.

Fourth act, after all Secrets Revealed continue to face, Jeremy need to solve their own identity from the middle class into a dilemma "bastards", but such a power, if provided Asian wife say his body found in Jay "truth," her motherly provides new vision of life, the so-called discovery of misconduct, but the surface of the moral impression, but her love for the child, but it is rare valuable experience in life. And by the emergence of the heist, because to feel definitely lead to a paradigm shift, but at last able to subjective judgments, important point change occurs. The adults emerge through easily, to do the final finishing, so that sub-wife "thorough" end of easy adult relationship.
Atmosphere on stage, this is sub-wife's home, religious atmosphere can be one level. A middle-class family, poor but elegant, no extra things in addition to the necessities of life, to have a perspective windows outside the garden (no longer a terrace) from the house. The entrance to walk there right lower stage is connected to the sub-room wife, he left the stage, the connection to the outdoors. Right upper stage, leaving from the back garden Asian wife home.


I-Liang Wang

Email Address: wangil@faculty.nsysu.edu.tw

Theatre Company National Sun Yat-sen University- Department of Theater Arts

The Premiere Date of Production 2014-11-21

The Premiere Space of Production Yat-Sen Theater of National Sun Yat-sen University-Art Center

Author Oscar Wilde

Director/ Choreographer Lin, Yi-Cherng

Set Designer Wang, I-Liang

Lighting Designer Lee, Chung-Yu

Costume Designer Lee, Yu-Ling

Sound Designer Lin, Yi-Cherng

Other Creative Collaborator/s Stage Designer: Wang, I-Liang
Stage Matte Painting Maker: Wang, I-Liang