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juichiro saito

A Portrait of shunkin《春琴抄》

Category: Set Design

Design Statement

The power of the sentences literature has primarily.
The power by which a reader imagines the world, imagines it in the mind and creates the world.
The worldview becomes more realistic by a ring of the sound literature can have in audience's “imagination from sentences” from using the technique as the Reading aloud play.
Weight was given to making a work with this stage design for something which depends on power of the sound more Reading aloud plays have more realistically using a visual element as a stage design.
The imagination which utilizes the power of the imagination I have by literary origin to the full and anyway uses the method to say the watermark later, not exact, objective description, and is Shunkin's blindness and audience is piled up. And this story have more reality by using Plum flower that Shunkin can not to sea it something with the vivid color.
It was said that an actor read aloud with a script by origin of a Reading aloud play, and it has expressed the beautiful world which neither be lost nor sees as an eye of Shunkinsho along with a this stage design.

juichiro saito

Email Address: shushu0713@gmail.com

Theatre Company CLIE.asia.inc

The Premiere Date of Production 2016-06-16

The Premiere Space of Production Shunkinsho

Author Junichiro Tanizaki

Director/ Choreographer Director/Makoto Kimura Choreographer/Masao Miki

Set Designer Juichiro Saito

Lighting Designer Kenichi Kawakami

Costume Designer Ryoko Ono

Sound Designer Koji Sato