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Emerging Designers

United States of America

William Peterson

9 Circles

Category: Lighting Design

Design Statement

9 Circles is a metaphysical journey of Daniel E. Reeves from psychological static to punctuating clarity.

Static is perceived by Reeves as a set of rigid rules and regulations dictating his expected behaviors, attitudes, and actions. His state of mind in moments of chaos is represented onstage through the implementation of a cacophony of overlapping hard lines and patterns. Moments of clarity amidst the chaos are represented by strong solitary beams of light, symbolizing a mental shift in Reeve’s self-perception of his unease in society.

Daniel E. Reeves is a man devoid of empathy. As such, his world is stark white with little room for color of any kind save for harsh, metallic blue. The back walls of the set are a cold-blue grey, an ever present reminder of the mental and physical prison he is in. 

A poetic supplication of grace is made into a red spiral of Arabic characters representing the pain, blood, and fear of all the victims Reeves has taken. As Reeves reaches the final clarity and weight of his decisions, his victims’ words wash over his body and face immediately prior to his death.

William Peterson

Email Address: williampetersondesign@gmail.com

Theatre Company Weber State University Department of Performing Arts

The Premiere Date of Production 2015-11-13

The Premiere Space of Production Eccles Theatre, Val A. Browning Center For The Performing Arts

Author Bill Cain

Director/ Choreographer Tracy Callahan

Set Designer Van Tinkham

Lighting Designer William Peterson

Costume Designer Erin Carignan

Sound Designer Jessica Greenberg

Projection and Multi-Media Designer N/A

Other Creative Collaborator/s Chelsea P. Rowe - Photography Credit (CPRowe Photography)