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cheng shih-chieh


Category: Set Design

Design Statement

The Wisdon of Nature
52 Hertz, a site-specific outdoor work performed by InTW Studio in 2016 that explores the themes of time, environment, the quality/dynamic of performing arts, and focus on dancer and natural environment. It emphasis the symbiosis with mother nature and create the symbolic imagination and cognition with audiences.
Least Development
Simply using a driftwood stick and a few rakes to create enormous majestic geometric designs on the flat expanse of the beach. During the performance these beautiful works are temporary though the tides wash them clean away in stages as they were created.
Based on the idea that the more technology evolves, the more tactfully it will begin to harmonize with nature, from the perspective that man-made element do not counteract the natural. Providing a meditative explore for the audiences of the ceremony and tribute to Heaven, Earth, and Man.


cheng shih-chieh

Email Address: a0935893129@yahoo.com.tw

Theatre Company Intw studio

The Premiere Date of Production 2016-05-28

The Premiere Space of Production Hualien Niushan Huting

Author Hsieh, Hsiao-Wei

Director/ Choreographer Hsieh, Hsiao-Ting

Set Designer Shih Chieh ,Cheng

Lighting Designer no

Costume Designer CHEN,LI-JIN

Sound Designer YANG,YIN-HAN