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United States of America

Marianne Custer


Category: Costume Design

Design Statement


As a creative team, we were in agreement that Shakespeare’s view of love as a central theme in this dream play was drenched in ambivalence. Through the magic of the night we observe how passionate love transforms into hatred, how jealous love devolves into cruelty. It is a dream, though sometimes a nightmare, with all of the irrational qualities of appearance, disappearance and transformation attendant to these nighttime adventures of imagination. We chose to express the idea through a surreal version of contemporary existence. A forest of doors that appear and disappear, fairies that are dream dancers of ballet, punk and hip hop, lovers running off into the woods dressed in white with no luggage, an Alexander McQueen inspired Hypolita, an insect-like fairy king in a leather coat, a queen exhibiting magazine spread glamor. Only the the simple workers, Shakespeare’s “rude mechanicals”, take us back to nostalgia for the 20th century where, in our fantasy of a simpler time, we can sense their gentle earnest desire to please.
Our process was truly the process of the early 2ist century, sharing thoughts and images, sometimes in the same room, often via electronic communication. And in the end we all come together in the same dark room to make a dream.

Marianne Custer

Email Address: mcuster@utk.edu

Theatre Company The Clarence Brown Theatre Company

The Premiere Date of Production 2016-02-20

The Premiere Space of Production The Clarence Brown Theatre

Author William Shakespeare

Director/ Choreographer John Sipes

Set Designer Christopher Pickart

Lighting Designer John Ambersone

Costume Designer Marianne Custer

Sound Designer Curtis Craig

Projection and Multi-Media Designer Christopher Pickart/Kent McQuilkin