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WSD2017|Mary Stuart
1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Professional Designers


Lili Izsak, Eszter Kalman

Mary Stuart

Selected Category: Performance Design

Category: Performance Design

Design Statement

A room with view on the mountains, a space of power and prison. (Inspired by Hammershøi and Berchtesgaden, Hitler’s residency.) Two queens share this room. It is prison of Mary and castle of Elisabeth: the expression of a relationship of prisoner and butcher. They are similar, replaceable, two sides of a personality. The room has only one entrance – through an elevator. It reminds of the style of the socialist era. The brown, wood covered elevator gives a rigid and strict frame to the greyish-blueish girl’s room: just like how reality relates to dream. The death of Mary leads us into a new sphere. Death comes in the cloth of Mary and Elisabeth, but Death is also the reunion with the male side. Loss of hair is expression of horror, loss of personality, being prepared for death. The “view” reveals as a fake image of reality. The space opens up to endlessness and gives the feeling of being endlessly imprisoned.


Lili Izsak, Eszter Kalman

Eszter Kalman studied drama at the University of Bristol's Drama Department, in the UK. Her orientation was towards theatre design and multimedia performances. She has been creating her own experimental theatre productions in Trafo House of Contemporary Arts Budapest - but also working as a freelance set and costume designer.
Lili Izsak made Master's degree in Architecture at the University of Applied Arts in Hungary. Since then she has been a freelance set and costume designer in both film and theatre productions. She has been designed for over 70 productions in both Hungary and Germany. In 2007, she won the prize for Best Costume at the Hungarian Theatre Festival, in 2011 the Prima Primissima Junior Award in the category of "Theatre and Film", the prize for Best Stage Design from the Hungarian Theatre Critics in 2013.
Mary Stuart won Hungarian Critics Prize for best costume design in 2015.

Email Address: eszter.kalman@gmail.com

Theatre Company Örkeny Theatre Budapest

The Premiere Date of Production 2014-05-17

The Premiere Space of Production Örkeny Theatre Budapest

Author Friedrich Schiller

Director/ Choreographer Ildiko Gaspar

Set Designer Lili Izsak, Eszter Kalman

Lighting Designer Richard Kehi

Costume Designer Lili Izsak, Eszter Kalman

Sound Designer Arpad Kakonyi, Zoltan Halmen

Projection and Multi-Media Designer Andras Juhasz

Other Creative Collaborator/s Translator: Csaba Miko
Assistent: Csilla Bereczki
Dramaturg: Barbara Ari-Nagy
Actors: Anna Szandtner/Lilla Sarosdi, Gabriella Hamori, Csaba Polgar, Milan Vajda, Istvan Ficza, Judit Pogany, Nora Diana Takacs, Anna Spiegl, Istvan Znamenak, Peter Bercsenyi, Arpad Kakonyi