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A Night of Chekhov One Acts: the Bear & the Proposal

Category: Set Design

Design Statement

My scenic design concept for THE BEAR & THE PROPOSAL by A.P. Chekov, is a blend of tow completely different styles: the busyness and sophisticated Victorian interior, tapestry (style of the period, the director’s desire); and the grotesque and rural style of Lubok (is a colored woodcut or lithographical print, usually - a sequence of pictures accompanied by simple text explaining the images, much like a page from a comic book).

I intentionally transformed a theatre box in a proscenium to get the flatness of the lubok image. The proscenium was painted with different images from lubok prints from 17-19 century. Both plays were placed in a unit set, the challenge was to make the transition from one play to another quick and easy.  In both plays the action takes place in the living room. I designed a wall with huge asymmetrical doors with closed shutters, which worked perfectly for the mood of the widow’s house in the Bear. In The Proposal the doors are opened and you have an illusion that the wall just disappeared and we see a rural romantic landscape.
The intentional contraposition of the indoors interior of The Bear to the open natural landscape of The Proposal has a purpose to emphasize the different mood of the female characters. While the widow opposes the natural desires and locks herself from the outside world, the young lady feels ripened and seeks for so called natural way of life. The Chekhov’s irony is that mourn and romantic interest of both women are based on the boredom and limitations of social life rather than on passion.




Theatre Company Tulane University

The Premiere Date of Production 2012-10-23

The Premiere Space of Production Lupin Theatre

Author Anton P. Chekov

Director/ Choreographer Jessica Podewell


Lighting Designer Marty Sachs

Costume Designer Kirche Zeile

Sound Designer n/a

Other Creative Collaborator/s Scenic Artist - Tatiana Vintu
Technical Director - Vlad Ghinea