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Emerging Designers


Zi-Jing Wu

All he said to him 他對他說

Selected Category: Set Design

Category: Set Design

Design Statement

The script of this play described a love story between four gays who came and went around Taipei and LA. In the concept of set design, “city” was chosen to be the main idea. In this case, it included the free movement of people today, the emotion which made people feel intensive and alienated at the same time and a fantasy of “home” for people eventually.

In the final edition of design, we used the image of underpass which gave audiences a fantasy that they were walking in the underpass from the beginning. In addition, underpass was a place where had lots of different exits, also a space where countless people passed by each other everyday. Therefore, when audiences sit in this dark and humid place, they could feel confused and inconclusive just like what characters suffered in their love in this modern society; meanwhile, they were like homeless wandering souls stuck in the underpass.

Zi-Jing Wu

Zi-Jing Wu(吳子敬), from Tainan, an old city in the southern Taiwan.
Graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts(TNUA), Dept. of Theatrical Design and Technology, major in Set Design. And currently completing the M.F.A in Directing in TNUA.
In 2016, directing production《冥王星》(“Somewhere out there”)was honored to win the“Yong Zhen Future Star Award“ in Taipei Fringe Festival(2016).

Email Address: fox2898363@gmail.com

Theatre Company Taipei National University of the Arts

The Premiere Date of Production 2016-02-19

The Premiere Space of Production 305 experimental theatre

Author ChayYew

Director/ Choreographer CHANG,KANG-HUA

Set Designer WU,ZI-JING

Lighting Designer WU,HSIA-NING

Costume Designer LIU,XIANG-JEI

Sound Designer WU,YUN-HAN

Other Creative Collaborator/s Actor: TSAI,YOU-LIN SU, YAO-TING YANG,JU-JHENG TSAI,CHAO-SHENG Technology Design: TSAI,CHENG-REN Dramaturge: WU, HUNG-YU Stage Manager: WU, TING-YUN Producer: XIE,JIA-RU Assistant: WU,WEN-WEN LIU, YU-SYUAN WONG,KA-YIU LEE, JEN