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Professional Designers


Johanna Mårtensson Mårtensson


Category: Performance Design

Design Statement

This dramatization focuses on a control and monitoring theme. Language and memories are washed out, now and then are confused and outer events can not be detached from beliefs and fantasies.

I created a claustrophobic, white tunnel, representing Big Brothers all seeing eye as well as a room within the main character Winston´s head.

Projections pictured the all seeing Telescreen or painted the construction with abstract environments. A hidden back room served as TV-studio for live camera footage projections. When Winston believes he is dwelled in a secret room, he is actually simultaneously seen by Big Brother and in our performance; the audience. When he is revealed, the tunnel breaks apart and splits into multiple parts, the TV-studio is revealed as well and the theatre room is exposed as a construction and a fake reality. In the end the scenography is elegantly put together again as if nothing happened, since the play ends with starting all over again, the history repeating it self.

Johanna Mårtensson Mårtensson

Email Address: johanna@johannamartensson.se

Theatre Company Riksteatern ( The Swedish National Touring Theatre)

The Premiere Date of Production 2015-10-03

The Premiere Space of Production Riksteatern

Author Robert Icke and Duncan Macmillan

Director/ Choreographer Director Sara Giese

Set Designer Johanna Mårtensson

Lighting Designer Sophie Andersson

Costume Designer Johanna Mårtensson

Sound Designer Magnus Larsson

Projection and Multi-Media Designer David Giese

Other Creative Collaborator/s Photographer: Carl Thorborg