1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
We are looking forward to meeting you here.


The countdown is on: 100 days until WSD2017

22 March, 2017


There are just 100 days to go until the World Stage Design 2017 gets start in Taipei! Today we roll out a new-look homepage and release a new web page “Scenofest”.

WSD2017 Scenofest will present over 100 performances and 50 events, including keynote speeches, lectures, workshops, seminars, and etc.. Now visit the Scenofest page, you can find the list of performances. Further information of performances and events will keep on releasing.

Tickets for Scenofest performances and events will be available online on Wednesday, May 10. For full details on the programs, stay updated by browsing our website or subscribing to our newsletter. It’s coming soon!

Download WSD2017 Logo

You are welcome to download our logo to promote WSD2017. Let your friends know what fabulous event you have chosen to attend!
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Call for participants of CEGOS (BLIND)/《看不見》BLIND演出者招募中!

12 June, 2017

Call for participants to CEGOS (BLIND), an artistic intervention on the streets in Taipei City , July 8th, 2017

WSD2017 Calendar is Online Now!

09 June, 2017

Today we roll out the calendar including most of keynote speeches, lectures, workshops and seminars. Now please visit the calendar page to plan your schedule of WSD2017.
For full details on the programs, stay updated by browsing our website and WSD2017 FB Page

Recommend|Asia Premiere in Taipei

25 May, 2017

"Charlotte: A Tri-Coloured Play with Music" produced by Pamela Howard is a multi-national collaboration with a core creative team from Canada, UK, and Czech Republic, plus seven actor-singers and four musician-performers. The essential quality of our “singspiel” is the total synchronicity of word, image, and music.

Scenofest Tickets To Go On Sale

08 May, 2017

Tickets of Scenofest performances will go on sale on May 10 with a full price of 400NTD. 20% off early-bird tickets are only available until June 10. Please register as a member to access the ACCUPASS website before you starting to book tickets online.