1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
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Scenofest Tickets To Go On Sale

08 May, 2017


The Whole World Is On The Stage

World Stage Design (WSD2017) will be held from July 1 to 9 this year. Taipei National University of the Arts is going to be the venue for its fourth four-yearly event. Apart from WSD2017 Exhibition, Scenofest has been co-exhibited with WSD since 2013, adding an extra touch of diversity to the event for all the participants and audiences. Tickets of Scenofest performances will go on sale on May 10 with a full price of 400NTD. 20% off early-bird tickets are only available until June 10.

Scenofest, a concept of a festival celebrating scenography, was devised by renowned educator and scenographer, Pamela Howard in 1994. It features a wide range of seminars, forums, workshops, professional talks and amazing performances around the globe. The programme was selected under the theme of ‘‘Design as Performance, Performance as Design’’, which attracted 139 submissions from 41 countries. We’ve prioritized 40 of them this year, spreading through the whole world, from countries like the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Russia, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Hungary, France, the United Kingdom, Ghana and New Zealand, etc. There will be over a hundred performances in just 9 days.

Scenofest has incorporated a few elements this year, it ranges from the most primitive to the most avant-garde. African Traditional Music, Dance, Drumming from Ghana, Traditional Turkish Shadow Theatre Karagöz and TRANSandinos from Chile bring an exotic ambiance to the stage. Whereas, Flimmerskotom from Germany and Shape-Performance for Ropes, Cloth and Pulleys from Poland gravitate around design, allowing audiences to reconsider how objects are applied in a performance. You will also have the chance to enjoy the performance close up, like Le Voyage from Canada and The Carpet from Hungary only receive a handful of viewers at a time. Traces of classic literatures blended in design can also be found in programmes such as Farewell, Dead Clowns from Brazil, LA MALADIE DE L'AMOR: Detoxification of a Heart from Thailand, an animate pop-up book theater Le Petit Prince from Taiwan and Seagulls from the UK, etc. Do not miss any of it, and check out more details: http://www.wsd2017.com/scenofest.

Tickets are available on ACCUPASS at 12 noon (GMT+8) on Wednesday, May 10. Please register as a member to access the ACCUPASS website before you starting to book tickets online. Don’t miss 20% off discount of early-bird tickets before June 10.
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For your reference to plan a fulfilled trip, please find more events of Scenofest via http://www.wsd2017.com/news/detail/223. More detailed information and more events will be released soon on each event page.

WSD2017 Official Recap Video

08 November, 2017

World Stage Design 2017, which closed on July 9, has attracted 15,000+ attendees from 71 countries around the world. Let’s recall the time we had in Taipei and look forward the next WSD in 2021!

Thank you for your participation in WSD2017

01 August, 2017

Thank you for your participation. Let’s recall the dates and events of WSD2017 in Taipei. And we are looking forward to seeing each other again in WSD2021!

Award list of WSD2017

06 July, 2017

All the selected works are highly valued by the visitors and Award Jury. Awards announced in the Award Ceremony of July 5th, there are 12 Gold, 12 Silver and 13 Bronze.

Welcome our new partner, Goethe-Institut Taipei!

23 March, 2017

We are pleased to announce our newest partnership with the Goethe-Institut Taipei. The Goethe-Institut Taipei supports German designers and artists to participant in WSD2017 Exhibition and Scenofest. Giving us the opportunity to see their amazing works and performance in WSD2017.