1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
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Shape-Performance for Ropes, Cloth and Pulleys《塑》

Centrum Scenografii Polskjei-Artist: Francesco Fassone

July 4|Tue|
TD109, Theatre and Dance Building
戲舞大樓 TD109


TWD 400


Francesco Fassone, by creating scenic machineries with the employment of tools, derived from navigation and stagecraft and shared by both of them (ropes, pulleys, cloth), makes a research on the prospect of making a travel within the limits of a narrow space. “Shape” is an apparatus composed by a connection of pulleys and ropes, fixed to a big white cloth (50 m²), made of a sailing textile, with an adjustable strucure, like a sail foot, installed inside an architectural space. The mechanism, driven manually, by two stagehands, like a sail operated by sailors, can move within the ambient, crawling on the surfaces and transforming, creating an incessant process of permutation, evoking different spaces, abstract forms and sensations.The performance wants to suggest a parallelism between the use of a theatrical backdrop and a sail, to evoke a metaphorical navigation in an unconscious dimension.

Production 演出與製作團隊

Francesco Fassone (1975) is an architect and scenographer that designs sets for theatre, creates installations and interactive exhibitions. In the field of theatre he has worked with many directors such as Jean Claude Penchenat, Robert Talarczyk, Beppe Navello, Marco Mattolini, Luciano Nattino, Fausto Brizzi, Emiliano Bronzino, and many others. Some of his most important installations had been planned for Venaria Reale Realm, Milan Fashion Week, Rome Fashion Week, Centrum Scenografii Polskiej, Royal Palace in Milan.
For years he has conduced a research on the points of contact between theatre and architecture, lecturing at the Genova, Turin, Milan Politecnique, and taking part to pubblications.
Riccardo Padovan is a technician and performer, expert in light designig, audio system, he collaborated with many important company, all around Italy.

Photo Credit: Centrum Scenografii Polskjei

Duration 長度

30 mins

Language 語言

Non-verbal Performance.

Special Notes 注意事項

Time of admission:
Please follow the time slots listed on your ticket for visiting your performance.
1. There is no limited time for your visiting
until 17:00.
2. If you leave the auditorium during the performance, you will not be permitted to


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