1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
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Women in Red《紅衣女郎》

Living Picture Theatre

July 4|Tue|16:00
July 5|Wed|16:00
Egret Grassland


Free 免費觀賞

Visual movement theatre and improvisational action. Female sculptures brought to life, revealed from their versatile costumes, and with gestures abstracted from women’s typical life situations, reform themselves and their relations again and again. They re-arrange the view of the articulated scene with displacements in different rhythms, persistently but unexpectedly. The costume can be varied in many ways, and wearing them the characters appear sometimes as checkers, sometimes as beggars, sometimes more abstract forms: as carnivorous flower, pram or predatory creature. They variate their characters improvisationally concerning their relation to each other or to the audience’s reaction.

Production 演出與製作團隊

The performances of Living Picture Theater besides having strong visual and metaphysical aspects work with animated materials, objects, costumes and props with or without philosophical texts.
The Living Picture Theatre was established in 2003 with the purpose of creating visual and interdisciplinary theatre. Its creative world is characterized by a novel perspective regarding form and content, the revelation of imagination and how it can be experienced and mediated. Throughout it picture, idea and imagination creates unity with installation and performing art.
Founder and leader of the company is Zsofia Berczi.

Scenographer: Zsofia Berczi
Performers: Dancers from Taipei and Zsofia Berczi

Photo Credit: Tomasits Vini

Duration 長度

50 mins

Language 語言

Non-verbal Performance.

Special Notes 注意事項

Performed without intermission.

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