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1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Professional Designers

Czech Republic

Šimon Caban


Selected Category: Performance Design

Category: Performance Design, Set Design, Costume Design, Projection and multi-media Design, Sound Design, Lighting Design

Design Statement

As our contribution to the discussion about stage design, how to exhibit it and how we define it in relation to other disciplines considering the new developing technologies, we wanted to choose a couple of projects which have so much in common they can hardly be presented separately. They were all created during one year by the same authors´ team which made a conscious effort to connect the technological, creative and conceptual processes which helped reaching a complete interconnection of all departments. What all the projects have in common is strong visual design, characters or performers´ direct interaction with the space which is defined through simple theatre principles in combination with the newest multimedia technology and finally the ever present reaction to the world´s current affairs. Due to WSD´s exhibition rules we eventually chose only two projects /Bond/Medea, Bernstein Mass) which for their complexity we present in the Performance design category.


Šimon Caban

Šimon Caban is a Czech architect, director, and stage designer (born 1963, Prague).
He studied stage design at the High school of applied arts in Prague and University of Applied Arts Prague under the tutelage of Josef Svoboda.
Together with his brother Michal they start Ballet Unit Cramp - dance and theatre groupe; performing for one-time multimedia events, movies, television films (featured in M. Forman‘s Amadeus under the guidance of choreographer Twyla Tharp).
Between 1975 and 1990 he devotes his time to art photography. His works are represented in collections of Centres Pompidou Paris and Museum of Applied Arts in Prague.
In 1999 he teamed up with Simona Rybáková and together they took up the role of curators for the Czech national exposition in Prague Quadrienalle which was awarded first prize; Golden Triga.
Šimon‘s work in the field of architecture (family housing, office renewals- UPP, HBO etc.) was several times awarded a special prize Architecture Grand Prix.
In 2010 Caban brothers direct the Czech National Day for the EXPO in Shangai and Czech olympic house in London 2012. Since 1997 they had been authors of the opening and closing ceremony of the International Film Festival Karlovy Vary.
In the last couple of years Šimon devotes most of his time to directing authorial projects with his own scenography.

Email Address: simoncaban63@gmail.com

Theatre Company Cabani Production

The Premiere Date of Production 2015-12-03

The Premiere Space of Production Theatre Comedy Prague

Author Šimon and Michal Cabani

Director/ Choreographer Šimon and Michal Cabani

Set Designer Šimon Caban

Lighting Designer Šimon and Michal Cabani and Pavel Dautovský

Costume Designer Šimon and Michal Cabani and Simona Rybáková

Sound Designer Šimon and Michal Cabani

Projection and Multi-Media Designer Šimon and Michal Cabani and Vojtěch Kopecký