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1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Professional Designers


Guang-Jian Gao


Selected Category: Set Design, Lighting Design

Category: Set Design, Lighting Design

Design Statement

The dance Du Fu describes a famous poet’s life who maintains his character whilst caught in the vortex of power and wealth during the Tang dynasty. It offers hope to people and explores the philosophy of life. The stage designer aims to represent the traditional Chinese culture quintessence through a modern and international image, and illuminate the minimalist aesthetic by symbolic visual language on the stage. Using string as a main feature, with lighting to sculpture the space, the design transfers the grandiose, ponderosity, intensity, and solitude of life into the performance.


Guang-Jian Gao

Gao Guangjian
Set and Lighting Designer/ Art Director
National Centre for the Performing Arts

Dufu, the dance drama, presents a literal hero about his thoughts about life, care towards the people and nation, as well as the heroic story of his struggle and fight in the society advocating power and wealth.
As the visual director, stage and lighting designer of this drama, I hope to bring the traditional Chinese culture essence to the stage through the means of the modern international vision. The aesthetic pursuit of the stage is unique and simple, transmitted by the upmost symbolistic language.
The latitude and longitude fabrics lines symbolized not only the magnificent and shinning dress of the officials, but also the common daily clothes of the normal people. It delivers a strong power of emotion especially when the poems of Dufu are projected on these fabric lines, layer by layer.
With the lines to set the background and the light to form the environment, the drama presents the mixed feelings of his whole life full of magnificence, bitterness, excitement, loneliness in the form of artistic but appealing performance, and that is the pursuit of the stage art of this show.

Email Address: gaoguangjian@sina.com

Theatre Company Chong Qing Song & Dance Ensemble CO.Ltd

The Premiere Date of Production 2016-04-28

The Premiere Space of Production SHI GUANGNAN GRAND THEATRE

Author Writer: TANG DONG, Composer:LIU TONG

Director/ Choreographer HAN ZHEN; ZHOU LIYA

Set Designer GAO, GUANG-JIAN

Lighting Designer GAO, GUANG-JIAN; TANG, MING

Costume Designer YANG, DONG-LIN

Sound Designer N/A

Projection and Multi-Media Designer FENG, JIANG-ZHOU; ZHANG, LIN

Other Creative Collaborator/s Visual Director: GAO, GUANG-JIAN