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WSD2017|Artemisia's Frame
1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Emerging Designers


Christiana Ioannou

Artemisia's Frame

Category: Performance Design, Set Design, Costume Design, Sound Design, Lighting Design

Design Statement

This show was a personal research of fictional crossover and a re-imagination of “The Maids” by J. Genet and “Three Sisters” by A. Chekhov, using deconstruction as a performative way of approaching classic plays.
“Claire, Madame, Masha, Irina and Olga are sneakily driven into a train ride by a stranger who enters their world to potentially lead them to the island of Artemisia where his team will either get them recycled for future novels or disposed if their readership is weak.”
The final design, a lit corridor, was developed as we went along with the rehearsals and was never too settled or too fixed for stage, as props held the biggest scenic power. The train ride and other dramaturgical moments were carefully portrayed by live noise and sound made by actors that did not perform at certain scenes, allowing them to build a music narration for audience.
The story of the play itself deals with how real universe blends with the fictional one, and how these famous theatre characters are alive, and still wondering in their own universe where they all co-exist. Therefore vivid colours and extravagant patters constituted their costume scheme,which helped in defining and establishing them in relation to the real people by showing and decoding an amorphous individual condition and power.

Christiana Ioannou

Artemisia's Frame was one of the few works I did when I used to work as an Art Director and Designer in Praxis: Theatre and Performance Collective, a former London-based independent performance platform which I was in charge of booking venues, organising the team of artists, arranging rehearsals and be in full charge of the initial performative and dramaturgical design.
For the moment I freelance as an Artistic and Research Director in Cyprus Contemporary Film Centre, a film centre in Nicosia which specialises in promoting contemporary filmmaking and audiovisual works, which I am in charge of contacting and negotiating with international film distributors and studios, arranging film events and researching cinematic possibilities.

Email Address: christiana.ioannou@outlook.com

Theatre Company Praxis: Theatre and Performance Collective

The Premiere Date of Production 2015-05-28

The Premiere Space of Production Platform Theatre London

Author Jean Genet, Anton Chekhov, Vladimir Mayakovsky

Director/ Choreographer Christiana Ioannou

Set Designer Christiana Ioannou

Lighting Designer Christiana Ioannou in collaboration with Andi Chu

Costume Designer Christiana Ioannou in collaboration with CSM Costume Wardrobe

Sound Designer Live music and sound made by the actors on stage

Projection and Multi-Media Designer /

Other Creative Collaborator/s Text Editors: Ross Harper Millar and Olivia Popica
Assistants to director: Andi Chu and Konstantinos Lipsos
Documentation: Cristina Espejo Vindel
Venue organiser: Michael Breakey