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WSD2017|Alice's adventures in wonderland
1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Professional Designers


Chihiro Kokubu

Alice's adventures in wonderland

Category: Costume Design

Design Statement

This performance is inspired by Lewis Carroll's “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. It is part of "Tribe" street performance at PQ2016.

“Sane and insane” “normal and abnormal” “ordinary and crazy” are words that state total opposites. I questioned where is our world situated. Like ‘yin and yang’, it is hard to define whether our world is total sane or insane. It is undeniable that we tend to believe our society is normal, a perfect world. But also a crazy, insane world.

I created my concept by reading “Alice’s adventures in Wonderland” whose characters lives in wonderland, Alice, who came down to wonderland unexpectedly.The people who lives in the story world are all described as insane, apart from Alice. In their wonderland, Alice is the one who is insane. All are symbolises characters as they are driven mad. And continue to stay in a world of madness. During my process of concept making, I have made a comparison between our society to theirs,as the characters in the book are judged, unable to fit in society.

Wonderland is a society that has labelled them ‘crazy’. But I believe that sane and insane are two sides of the same coin. What if the things we considered sane are actually insane? In our modern world, majority of people seem to fit in the society. For those who cannot, they find comfort and solace together with those who are considered insane, isolated from the rest of the world.

The performance was held in the street of Prague, Czech Republic. The street audiences also became part of the performance. Although they were not actively participating, they can represent the ‘sane people’ while those in costume represented the opposite, as flip side of the same coin.

The costume is designed by using various arts and crafts techniques. I have created the craziness using different pattern, colour and material explorations. As I am a Japanese given an opportunities to to participate allocated to selected designers all over the world, I planned to bring Eastern culture background into my work. I have tried to represent Asian arts and craft techniques. Most of materials are batik dye and painted on top with UV reflect colour, mix of colour of felt is formed. Also rattan weaving crafts such as pots monuments are used for items and decorations for the costumes.

Chihiro Kokubu

Chihiro Kokubu was born in Japan, studied and worked in the U.K. and Japan.
She has extensive experience in creating modern performances and worked from individual clients to theatre companies as freelance costume specialist. She is willing to design and make costume for performance to worldwide audiences.She is looking forward to share new ideas in performance from costume perspective. Website:www.chihirokokubu.com Instagram:chihirokokubu23 Twitter:ckokubu@ckokubu1

Email Address: chihirorukokuburu@live.jp

Theatre Company Not applicant

The Premiere Date of Production 2015-06-22

The Premiere Space of Production Náprstek Museum to city centre of Prague, Czech Republic

Author Not applicant

Director/ Choreographer Not applicant

Set Designer Not applicant

Lighting Designer Not applicant

Costume Designer CHIHIRO KOKUBU

Sound Designer Not applicant

Other Creative Collaborator/s Performers : Volunteers from PQ 2015
Photograph: Marek Volf / Chihiro Kokubu