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WSD2017|Don Juan by Moliere
1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Professional Designers


Piroska É.Kiss

Don Juan by Moliere

Selected Category: Space Design

Category: Space Design

Design Statement

The location of the performance is a moveless static building site, with the opportunity of many associations. It may be an interior as well as an outside world.
My scenery uses the complete space including the auditorium. Over the main stage, there is a peninsula and an island . The three stages are in touch by wooden footbridges/planks.
The construction of the building frame crosses the portal of the stage, creating continuity between the stage and the site of the audience.
There are many theatrical opportunities becouse of the great variety of sites and pathes of mooving
The background is a transparent plastic box filled by smoke which is circulating inside permanently. The „body of this closed smoke gives a rich opportunity even of lighting. The unearthly feeling of scene of captain s charnel-house is also created by smoke: six spotlights draw up columns into the smoked air. It s a phantasmal effect.


Piroska É.Kiss

In 1976 I graduated in architecture at the Technological University of Budapest. The Faculty of Architecture was a centre of unofficial intellectual and undergrund art life that had a dominant effect on me.
After finishing the university I started to work at Csiky Gergely Theatre in Kaposvár, which was the best Hungarian theatre and an important intellectual and art centre of the given period. I became a scenographer there, working together with the best theatre makers: writers, directors, actors, designers, musicians and technicians. After 1986 I spent four years at Radnóti Theatre in Budapest. Since the birth of my first child in 1991 I have worked as a free-lance scenery designer, costume designer, and graphic designer for different theatres. During the last 40 years I have worked in more than 250 theatre performances.
In the past 13 years, teaching at the Department of Scenography at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts has been the focus of my activities. I obtained the degree of Doctor of Liberal Arts in 2008, and did my habilitation in 2012 at this university. I have given workshops and mastercourses at universities of different countries. Though I practice stage design even today, the absolute priority for me is my students success both at home and in international theatre life.
I m active in many countries and in many fields of art like scenography, installation, architecture, fine arts and art theory, but all my works have something in common. My artwork is always around a social content. The artists social responsibility is the most important issue for me.
web: www.piroskaekiss.weebly.com

Email Address: piroskaekiss@gmail.com

Theatre Company Hungarian University of Performing Arts

The Premiere Date of Production 2014-03-31

The Premiere Space of Production Ódry Theater

Author Moliere

Director/ Choreographer Kriszta Székely

Set Designer Piroska É. Kiss

Lighting Designer -

Costume Designer Juli Szlávik

Sound Designer -

Other Creative Collaborator/s Dramaturg: Ármin Székely-Szabó