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1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Professional Designers

United States of America

Fereshteh Rostampour


Selected Category: Projection and multi-media Design

Category: Performance Design, Projection and multi-media Design, Lighting Design

Design Statement

Choreographer’s Concept
“This is a work of symbiosis. The movement and subject matter explore individuality in a situation where individuals can’t survive without the group……..
Designer’s Concept
The Design Concept emphasizes the interconnectedness between people and their environment.
The projected images of binary code serve as the only light source that rush through space and across the dancers' bodies to speak of a desire for connection.
In designing for Connection, I used eight LCD projectors to function as sidelights instead of Ellipsoidal instruments that are commonly used in dance lighting. My new technique is unique to the convention of dance lighting and allows me to design and change the shape, color, or animate my sidelights. This lighting method transforms the stage into an ambiguous space where the moving bodies constantly re-shape and re-evaluate its architecture.
Lights & Projection Fereshteh Rostampour
Choreographer Allie Lenox
Music Kronos Quartet
Photographer Richard Finkelstein
Dancers Emily Squier, Medora Pepper, Ashlie Lauderdale
Technical Director Matt Gist
Master Electrician Cameron Lucas
Production Manager Taylor Dyleski

Fereshteh Rostampour

Born in Iran, Fereshteh Rostampour is the professor of scenic, projection, and lighting design at Auburn University in US. Fereshteh worked as a Free-lance designer for numerous plays, dance, opera, and film internationally. She collaborated with artists such as the New York based director and American experimentalist, Stephanie Skura, German choreographer and artistic director of Alban Elved Dance Company, Karola Luttringhaus, an award winning Armenian choreographer George Staib to name a few.

Her designs have been published and received widespread recognition both nationally and internationally. She has received prestigious awards, has been selected for exhibitions, and has been invited to present her work at international venues in the Czech Republic, Wales, Korea, Sweden, Austria, Germany, China, and Iran. She was one of the “Primary” US designers who exhibited in Prague Quadrennial 2015. Her design for Matrix was also nominated for best Interactive & New Media Design at the World Stage Design 2013. Her national presence includes designs for Kansas City Repertory Theatre, Silver Center for the Arts, Plymouth NH, Miller Performing Arts Center, Alfred, NY.

Fereshteh is an associate member of OISTAT and serves on the advisory board of Broadway Educators. She holds a MFA degree in Scenic and lighting design from The Ohio State University.

Email Address: fzr0006@auburn.edu

Theatre Company Auburn University Theatre

The Premiere Date of Production 2016-08-27

The Premiere Space of Production Telfair Peet Theatre

Author Fereshteh Rostampour

Director/ Choreographer Allie Lenox

Set Designer N/A

Lighting Designer Fereshteh Rostampour

Costume Designer N/A

Sound Designer N/A

Projection and Multi-Media Designer Fereshteh Rostampour

Other Creative Collaborator/s Choreographer: Allie Lenox
Music: Kronos Quartet
Photographer: Richard Finkelstein
Dancers: Emily Squier, Medora Pepper, Ashlie Lauderdale
Technical Director: Matt Gist
Master Electrician: Cameron Lucas
Production Manager: Taylor Dyleski