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WSD2017|Space Starting
1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Professional Designers


Fang-Yu Sung

Space Starting

Selected Category: Projection and multi-media Design

Category: Projection and multi-media Design

Design Statement

“Banach Space Theory” indicates that space is made from ultimate continued Vector- valued Functions.
Certainly it’s not elaborate complicated theory in this performance but the connection between “one object in the whole space” and “one person in a group”.
In a space, a person is like a very tiny spot; two spots make a line; three make a surface, and turned to a space then.
On the stage, I design a pure 120 degree angle setup to condense space of the theatre.
However the visual occupied a highly numbers of ultimate extended image to break the whole space and smash the stable scene.
All in all, from spot to line, from line to surface, just like people are quite small in the whole society (spot in the whole space) , it’s also important that the relationships are such close and irreplaceable.


Fang-Yu Sung

I majored in drama director of BFA in Taiwan National University of Arts and later entered Taipei National University of Arts to study theatrical design, where I majored a MFA degree in Lighting design. Last few years I’m not just be a lighting designer but also visual designer and participate more Digital Performance Projects. In 2012 I founded a design company called “FunDesign Studio” and being as design director, ,my specialize design include concert, theater, event show and public spatial design. Design project was performance in Taiwan and international Festival, such as Festival d'Avignon, Edinburgh International Festival, World Dance Alliance 2014、2016,Malaysia Tari’14, etc. For the past few years, I participate some [Digital Performance Project] and invited to participate Digital Performance Festival, In 2016 international star hotel Club Med Guilin entrusted to design in natural stalactite cave project [The Cave-3D Projector Mapping],currently for Club Med Guilin Permanent Exhibition.

Email Address: sungtom@gmail.com

Theatre Company Body Expression Dance Theatre

The Premiere Date of Production 2014-09-05

The Premiere Space of Production Taiwan National Experimental Theater

Author Ming-Cheng, Lee

Director/ Choreographer Ming-Cheng, Lee

Set Designer Fang-Yu Sung

Lighting Designer Man-Hsuan Chen

Costume Designer Ming-Cheng, Lee

Sound Designer Zhe-Yi Lee

Projection and Multi-Media Designer Fang-Yu Sung