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WSD2017|Pool(no water)
1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Emerging Designers


Yu-Jung Shen

Pool(no water)

Selected Category: Costume Design

Category: Costume Design

Design Statement

In our collective interpretation of the script, we located the story in an empty, decaying swimming pool to signify the breakdown of morality in those players. Scenographic elements would represent archetypes of the counter-culture at the end of the last century. The underlying narratives around the meanings of Feminism, the drug culture, LGBTQ issues, photographic art, sexuality/sensuality, computer culture, and even definitions of a residential pool party were synthesized through symbols, smells, and images. (For example, the simple black Chanel dress would be a signifier for the ascending power of woman; and the ‘orchid-mantis” suit on a male character was a signifier for the emergence of the LGBTQ culture).
We also experimented with the word, synesthesia, in our visuals to help clarify an otherwise “mutilated” story. We used particular colors, shapes and textures as emotional/cognitive stimulators with which we hoped our audiences would make their own meaning rather than trying to control meaning for them.

Yu-Jung Shen

Shen, Yu-Jung received his undergraduate degree in costume design at the prestigious Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA). From 2009-2013, he studied with the most famous Taiwan costume designer, Chin, Ping-Ping. For nearly three years he had the honor of assisting Professor Chin on a variety of university and professional productions. After graduating from college and then serving his country in the military, in 2015 he began working for the well-known company KA&G Design Co. as a design assistant. His responsibilities included research, sketching, millinery, crafts, and the creation of costumes for nearly 20 productions of immense variety: government institutions’ show, famous Taiwanese Opera companies, video-game conferences, and a series of superstars’ costumes.
Yu-Jung is presently self-studying western theatre and culture in the United States, and is continuing his artist life of painting, landscaping, sculpture, and writing as he prepares for advanced study in Design.
Pool (no water) is his first costume design. He collaborated, according to him, with the most extraordinary team of young artists in TNUA during that time. This production had the distinction of being the first “ticketed” performance of this play, and the first production permitted by Mark Ravenhill’s publisher to be translated into Chinese from the original English. Mr. Shen wants to recognize the extraordinary effort by the lovely professional draper and tailor at the TNUA Costume Shop for all of their beautiful work on this production.

Email Address: kenlikeyou@hotmail.com

Theatre Company Taipei National University of the Arts

The Premiere Date of Production 2012-12-21

The Premiere Space of Production Taipei National University of the Arts Experimental Theatre / Taipei, Taiwan

Author Mark Ravenhill

Director/ Choreographer Yu-Dien Chen

Set Designer Xing-Yee Lim

Lighting Designer Po-Yang Sung

Costume Designer Yu-Jung Shen

Sound Designer Yu-Chien Chen

Projection and Multi-Media Designer None

Other Creative Collaborator/s stage technology
Jin-Yi Lin