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WSD2017|Yiati Mama? (Γιατί Μαμά?) - Why Mum?
1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Emerging Designers


Mariza Klaoudatou

Yiati Mama? (Γιατί Μαμά?) - Why Mum?

Category: Performance Design, Set Design, Costume Design

Design Statement

"Yiati Mama?" is a female monologue about adulthood & identity - staged here as a physical theatre performance. Aliki, a lonely woman, explores how her upbringing & family have shaped her differentiality, & ultimately made her feel so adrift, alone & unhappy.

Audrey Hepburn was my main inspiration for the character, inflitrating, thus, into a 'cultivated' woman in her 30s with good uprbringing, classical education & refined tastes.

The venue itself presented many challenges: unorthodox shape, set of fixed platforms upstage, lack of entrances/exits, structural pillars on the stage...External & internal worlds had to interrelate - real & imaginary - while the design had to provide enough to make up for the lack of other characters.

Her studio is portrayed as a sinking world, made of three paper sculptures, functioning as individual installations with one common theme: sinking-sand-time. Then, each one explores different parts: her cultivated upbringing (readings, records), her childhood (playground), & her fragmented identity (mirror fragments, loss of self).

"The Little Prince" & "Alice in Wonderland" were also threads of inspiration. The kitchen full of sand tuppers, as well as the dissolving frame that ends up in the mirror sand-cliffs complete the whole.

Crucial for the Scenography was the choice of video projection onto two different 'screens': a huge white shirt, which stands for Aliki's soul, & two smudged 'windows', a portal from & to the outside world, i.e. standing for Aliki's perception of the world outside. Then, at different times of the performance, different videos were projected onto each 'screen' targeting each one thematically, thus, offering the text another layer of interpretation.

Mariza Klaoudatou

My path towards Theatre was paved in words…

Starting from my English studies, emerging into words forming plays to be staged,…& ‘escaping’ finally into the realm of the visual. Eventually the writer within me longed to be freed & ‘saved’ creatively in ways that only the visual language can provide.
Scenography has allowed me to approach Theatre in a more holistic way.

For me, Performance Design can only be seen in correlation & in total synchronicity with the text, serving in depth the writer’s underlying purpose(s). As a Playwright myself, I have already presented some of my work in the “National Theatre of Greece”, & the Greek “Art Theatre Karolos Koun”, as part of two individual Playwriting Workshops for new Greek Playwrights.

In Performance Design, right from the start, I had the amazing opportunity of working in Comedy with the Irish Director Jimmy Fay, for my realized MA Theatre Design project. Besides Design Assistant work, & other related projects, “Yiati Mama” was an incredible Design challenge, touching on both the grounds of Physical Theatre & Monologue.

Always in search of more intriguing projects & work that expands to new other genres, my latest work is on Children’s Theatre & Design aimed for younger audiences.

Email Address: mariz_kla@hotmail.com

Theatre Company N/A

The Premiere Date of Production 2015-06-07

The Premiere Space of Production N/A

Author Georgina Tziliou

Director/ Choreographer Aristotelis Magoulas

Set Designer Mariza Klaoudatou

Lighting Designer N/A

Costume Designer Mariza Klaoudatou

Sound Designer Nikolas Karimalis (Razastaar)

Projection and Multi-Media Designer N/A

Other Creative Collaborator/s [Venue: "Studio Mavromihali" Theatre, Athens]

Movement Instructor: Aristotelis Magoulas
Music Composition: Nikolas Karimalis (Razastaar)
Video Art: George Symeonidis, Artemis Stathakou, Aristotelis Magoulas
Actress: Lizy Xanthopoulou
Lighting Programmer & Technician: Antonis Karandinos
Lighting & Sound Board Operator: Anastasia Flemotomou
Video Art & Multimedia Operator: Thomais Triantafyllidou