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WSD2017|Cantonese Opera Madame White Snake--the love
1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Professional Designers


Chunhong Xiong

Cantonese Opera Madame White Snake--the love

Selected Category: Set Design

Category: Set Design

Design Statement

Which kind of stage design and setting is more suitable for the traditional opera? Simplicity makes beauty.
Like the Song poetry, always use simple words to describe the scenery, express emotion, and show one’s heart. The stage image of Madame White Snake--the love is to find a appropriate mind, to embrace the joys and sorrows of Madame White Snake’s whole life. Only a compact Chinese style book frame stands in the central of the stage, supplement by the flexible mechanical device. What direct from the heart is the simplest.
The purpose of making things beautiful is to touch emotion, and then touch the heart. The stage adopts black and white tone, builds a beautiful and delicate landscape scenery. White space and elegant aesthetic taste is matched with the beauty of Madame White Snake. Expressing emotion by the scenery, and show ambition by surrounding. This is what I think as the beauty of Madame White Snake.

Chunhong Xiong

Chunhong Xiong graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) and majored in Stage Design. He is now the Senior Vice Chairman of Guangdong Stage Design Research Society and permanent stage designer of Guangzhou Dance Theatre.
He has long been committed to the stage design of drama and Chinese opera and also space design of Artistic Behavior. He collaborated with a series of professional art institutions including Guangdong Drama Troupe, Guangdong Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Guangdong Cantonese Opera Troupe, Zhejiang Yuyao Opera Education Centre, Guangzhou Library and more. His works involve drama, Cantonese opera, Yuyao opera, musical,
children’s theatre, performance art installation and so on.
His designs have been awarded with Cultural Repertoire Award from Ministry of Culture of PRC and First Prize for Stage Design from Guangdong Arts Festival. His major works have also been selected by the 3rd Stage Design Exhibition of China Institute of Stage Design and exhibition catalogue of China Institute of Stage Design (CISD).
Stage design works : drama “Duobao, Duobao”, “Life like summer flowers”, Cantonese opera “Diaolou”, “White Snake--the love”, children’s theatre “ Finding City of Flowers”, musicals “Wang Xizhi”, “ Love when young”, Yuyao opera “Yan Ziling”, installation art “Finding Ink” and “Silence and light”.

Email Address: xiaoxiong.design@126.com

Theatre Company Guangdong Cantonese Opera Theater

The Premiere Date of Production 2014-10-22

The Premiere Space of Production Guangdong Cantoness Opera Art Center

Author Fei Mo

Director/ Choreographer Fei Mo

Set Designer Chunhong Xiong

Lighting Designer Hua Li

Costume Designer Lijun Wang

Sound Designer Huizhi Chen

Other Creative Collaborator/s Dance Designer: WenHao Gu