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1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Professional Designers


wei wei


Category: Costume Design

Design Statement

"Amnesia" mainly expresses that sin is forgotten. It is beautified gradually in the history and shows with the image of brightness and goodness. The plot is throughout the centuries, from a continuous heavy rain in few hundred years to incessant drought, which makes people associate with green moss on the stone, stretches of vegetation and dry land. The costume design of the work embody poetically the extreme environment of the nature. There are two roles in the drama: master and doctor, genius doctor was appointed to treat the master's amnesia. The master is the successor of the perfect family. The doctor's body evolution is related with lizards, and there is a lizard grain on his costume. Master's family has history of generations bloodlust, so his clothing reflects the gradient effect after blood drying up on sackcloth. The fabric material are mainly hemp rope and faux suede. Superposition, collage and winding is used to make costumes. Main background props lamp is a weathering and mossy elephant skulls, from plants grown on the red represents the environment under the transformation of color in species; Master of oil cloth umbrella surface paint effect and the vampire bat body structure into an umbrella, these props design and costume design, is the key step in the text image into visual presentation, common visual aesthetic feeling.

wei wei

Wei Wei is a professional costume designer and makeup design Teacher working in the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. She graduated from the Central Academy of Drama, and studied in British Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts as a visiting scholar in 2012. Her works Carp and Tun Kou are elected in the Tribes Exhibition of the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2015. Her major cooperation theater are the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts and Pythonland Company.
Her works has distinct Chinese traditional elements with new aesthetic. She is adept at presenting Chinese traditional images and graphics with novel and modern skills. She usually melts her personal affections in the creation and makes her work with the power of very strong visual expression. She also uses new materials to show classic things, makes her works with more sculptural sense. She is very good at processing the details while creating and tries to make her creation alive.
Her representative works include: Chinese Opera Miss Julie, Much Ado about Nothing, Drama Amnesia and Pythonland, etc.

Email Address: 42285193@qq.com

Theatre Company Pythonland Company

The Premiere Date of Production 2016-06-08

The Premiere Space of Production Xizhou Villeggiatura Courtyard

Author Shinu Shen

Director/ Choreographer Shoule Li

Set Designer Shang Xu

Lighting Designer Tang Sui

Costume Designer Wei Wei

Sound Designer Jin Fu , Zhaoqing Ding

Other Creative Collaborator/s Yi Zhu , Chang Dong