1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Exhibition information released now

05 May, 2016

The WSD2017 Exhibition is open to all designers for performance and we encourage individual designers to forward their work for consideration by the selection jury. While there is no pre-determined theme, during the curatorial process, a theme may emerge based on shared issues from around the world. Designers are invited to attend this global event, which will be highlighted with a centre of activities called Scenofest, including workshops, seminars, performances, and guest speakers, and offering global participation and multicultural exchange.


※The submission deadline has been pushed back to Monday, September 26th, 2016 at 17:00 (UTC+8:00).

All individual designers wishing to submit to WSD2017 must apply online via the website at www.wsd2017.com between 15 June and 15 September 2016 (Online application will close at 24:00, UTC+8:00). Please make sure you register before you apply for WSD2017 Exhibition www.wsd2017.com/register

Exhibition Criteria

Submissions to the WSD2017 Exhibition must be realized performances, installations, site-specific events, etc. produced between September 2012 and September 2016.The WSD2017 Exhibition will be divided into two sections, the WSD2017 Exhibition for Professional Designers, and the WSD2017 Exhibition for Emerging Designers. The Emerging Designer category is defined for designers who were a student at sometime between September 2012 and September 2016. (You should upload your proof of student status document, e.g., diploma or certification.) Please download the exhibition information for more detailed information. We are looking forward to meeting you at WSD2017.

Exhibition Categories

The Exhibition will divide into the following categories:

Performance Design:
Formally referred to as Scenography, this category will look at the designer who crosses several of the disciplines listed below, such as designers of set and lighting, set and costume, lighting and costume, etc. (It may be possible for an entry for Performance Design being selected by the Jury for only one component of that design)

Space Design:
Space Design as a category in WSD refers directly to design for performance spaces outside of what might be perceived as “standard” scenic/set design. It is likely to include installation and site-specific work but may also be subject to the interpretation of both the designer and ultimately the Jury.

Set Design, Sound Design, Costume Design, Lighting Design, Projection and Multi-media Design:
Design for Performance in either a traditional or alternative context.

The designer could submit categories that are not included in the above.

Exhibition Submission Details

Please make sure you register before you apply for WSD2017 Exhibition www.wsd2017.com/register

Registration will give you access to the application and to tickets for the events of WSD2017.

All prospective exhibitors must apply online via WSD2017 website www.wsd2017.com between 15 June and 15 September 2016.

You will be asked to complete information about yourself and your design submission in your online application, so you may want to prepare your written answers to these sections before beginning your submission.

Personal details and contact information

Production dates, location, and staff

Design category

Design statement (200 words maximum)

You may upload a maximum of six digital files in total per entry, and each entry is for only one production and one designer. These files may be digital images, videos, or sound files, or a combination of these three. If you would like to submit several productions, then you will apply with a different entry for each production.

If you design for multiple categories on one production, you only need to submit one entry, and you may indicate which category is priority for judging.

Each entry will be charged the submission fee of NTD 3,200 for Professional Designers, or NTD 2,400 for Emerging Designers. Please check the currency exchange rate at https://goo.gl/0gOF3H. All digital submissions will be included in an online exhibition.

Image files: Submit in Jpeg format with a minimum of 300 dpi at A4 size. (2,480X3,508 pixels)

Sound files: Submit 44.1K or 48K sample rate, 16 or 24 bit, in .wav or .aiff format only. Maximum of seven minutes in length.

Video files: Submit the URL link on YouTube. Maximum of three minutes in length.

All files should be clearly labeled as follows:
Designer's first name initials show title_# of file. (file format)
David Jones submitting for a production of Macbeth would submit: djones_macbeth_1.wav , djones_macbeth_2.jpg, djones_macbeth_3.jpg

Selection Process

The Selection Juries approved by the WSD2017 Executive Commission will make the final selection from the initial digital submissions to curate the two exhibitions to be assembled in Taipei. Designers who are selected for the exhibits are required to take responsibility for the delivery of their work to and from Taipei, and they are invited and encouraged to attend the nine days of WSD2017 while bringing their work to be on display. The cost of travelling to Taipei and transporting exhibits is the responsibility of the individual exhibitor. The Award Jury will be chosen from amongst the distinguished international presenters and keynote speakers for WSD2017. Awards may be bestowed in each of the categories. (Should any exhibitor have difficulties with online application please contact info@wsd2017.com for assistance.) 


※The submission deadline has been pushed back to Monday, September 26th, 2016 at 17:00 (UTC+8:00).




Online application to WSD2017 Exhibition begins




Online application of WSD2017 Exhibition closes




Announcement of selected entries




Exhibitors of selected entries pay admission fee of NTD 3,200 for display in Taipei.




Exhibitors receive Exhibitor Pack




Deadline for WSD2017 exhibition layout.




Exhibitors install exhibits in Taipei at TNUA




Exhibition Gala opening




WSD2017 (Exhibition and Scenofest)




OISTAT Congress




Awards Ceremony




Closing of Exhibition


WSD2017 Exhibition Information

WSD2017 Official Recap Video

08 November, 2017

World Stage Design 2017, which closed on July 9, has attracted 15,000+ attendees from 71 countries around the world. Let’s recall the time we had in Taipei and look forward the next WSD in 2021!

Thank you for your participation in WSD2017

01 August, 2017

Thank you for your participation. Let’s recall the dates and events of WSD2017 in Taipei. And we are looking forward to seeing each other again in WSD2021!

WSD2017 Digital Program Book

15 July, 2017

World Stage Design 2017 Program Book is online!

Award list of WSD2017

06 July, 2017

All the selected works are highly valued by the visitors and Award Jury. Awards announced in the Award Ceremony of July 5th, there are 12 Gold, 12 Silver and 13 Bronze.