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African Traditional Music, Dance, Drumming 《迦納傳統樂舞》

Pan African Dance Heritage

July 1|Sat |17:00 (canceled)
July 2|Sun|17:00
July 3|Mon|17:00
Egret Grassland / Arts Forum
鷺鷥草原 / 人文廣場


Free 免費觀賞

Session 演出場次

July 1
Egret Grassland 鷺鷥草原
July 2
Arts Forum 人文廣場
July 3
Egret Grassland 鷺鷥草原

Traditional dance styles in Ghana: 1. Kete: a court dance performed for the entertainment of the Ashantehene chief of Ashanti. Originally performed for only the royals and now at all social gatherings in modern Ghana. 2. Bamaya: a social dance of the Dagomba tribe in the northern part of Ghana. Originating as a result of drought. Performed by men only. It is performed in a circle with the drummers in the middle, but the group has created its own arrangement. 3. Jera: a ceremonial dance performed for heroes or on very important occasions. Jera comes from the northern part of Ghana. It is also performed by men who are spiritually strong and can display their power. 4. Sikyi: a recreational dance performed by the Akans in Ghana. It is flirtatious in character and its movement includes bobbling. In this dramatized version, the performers entertain you with innocent youthful love plays between lads and lasses.

Production 演出與製作團隊

Pan African Dance Heritage is non-profit organization, traditional music, dance group based in the capital of Ghana, Accra.
The group, since its inception, has thrilled diverse audiences in the country and beyond with its own variations of traditional music and dance as well as contemporary dance pieces. The group organizes workshops for universities, Youth groups, tourist etc. 
Through its dedication to the African art, the Government of Ghana, under the auspices of the Ministry Of Chieftaincy and Culture and the National Commission on Culture, enables the organization to represent the country on many international platforms across Europe and Asia.
The members of the group have delighted enthusiastic crowds in several cities and towns throughout the country with pieces from their large repertoire of traditional and choreographed dance pieces.

Director: Ablordey Prosper Atsu
Shekere Player: Amenumey Apeti Kwaku
Dancer/Stage Manager: Ansah Seth
Talking Drummer: Affram Isaac Gyamfi
Costumier /Artistic Director: Yahaya Fuseini
Drummer/Singer: Okyere Ernest
Dancer: Wiredu Stephen
Drummer/ Rumba Shaker/ Singer: Ansah Kwame Eric
Dancer: Danso Kofi
Dancer: Nyame Philip Atta Kwabena
Drummer: Bonsi Lawrence Joe
Drummer: Arthur Samuel Kojo
Drummer: Ismail Mohammed
Percussionist/ Singer: Cudjoe John
Drummer/ Singer: Asare Abel
Dancer: Omari Gifty
Dancer: Oppong Helena
Percussionist: Amusu Kweisa

Photo Credit: Pan African Dance Heritage

Duration 長度

60 mins

Language 語言

Sung in English, Akan without surtitles.

Special Notes 注意事項

Performed without intermission.

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