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Farewell, Dead Clowns《再見,死小丑》

Academia de Palhaços

July 6|Thu|15:00 (Q&A)
July 6|Thu|20:00 (Q&A)
Experimental Theatre


TWD 400


"Farewell, Dead Clowns" is an adaptation of the work "Petit Boulot Pour Vieux Clowns" by acid Romanian author Matei Visniec, in which three old clowns meet after many years apart when seeking for the only job vacancy offered by an agency. It is a sixty-minute multi-disciplinary experience that combines flabbergasting electroacoustic soundtrack with amazing video-installation of documentary and abstract imagery. Inside of this living cube, three actors create a hypnotic symphony of voices to speak of finitude of life and our pursuit of artistic essentiality. This breathing machine affects perception of time and space, building up a non-place where these characters face each other and their past through some short frames of light and darkness.
改編自羅馬尼亞作家威斯涅(Matei Visniec)的《給年老小丑的小工作》Petit Boulot Pour Vieux Clowns。為了應徵唯一的工作機會,三個年老的小丑多年後重逢。回憶、感嘆、勾心鬥角、捫心自問。如電梯車廂的小小空間,變成內心舞台的櫥窗,幾何圖形的投影光束有如人生跑馬燈般翻滾流轉。

Production 演出與製作團隊

Academia de Palhaços is a Brazilian group founded to study the universe of popular acting (clowning, vaudeville, drama-circus). One of its most recent project is “The Wonderful Itinerant Theatre of Academia de Palhaços”, a stage built on top of a VW van carrying 5 spectacles to where art is hardly seen. However, when ADP sees its vehicle on fire and all its equipment turned into ashes, the group challenges itself to blend its history with an innovative path. This is when “Farewell, Dead Clowns” is born, a pursuit of an original and radical career.

Original Text: Matei VişNiec
Direction And Adaptation: José Roberto Jardim
Cast: Laíza Dantas / Paula Hemsi / Rodrigo PocidôNio
Musical Direction And Live Soundtrack: Tiago De Mello
Scenery And Videomapping: Bijari
Operation System Designer: Laíza Dantas
Costumes: Lino Villaventura
Visage: Leopoldo Pacheco
Light Designer: Paula Hemsi / José Roberto Jardim
Video Animation: Carlos Pedreañes
Production: Carol Vidotti / Laíza Dantas
Photography: Victor Iemini

Programa Municipal De Fomento Ao Teatro Para A Cidade De São Paulo

Photo Credit: Victor Iemini

Duration 長度

60 mins

Language 語言

In Portuguese with English and Chinese surtitles.

Special Notes 注意事項

  The age guidance for this production is 12+.
  Performed without intermission.

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