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The Firsts《世界第一》

Dedalo Artes Escenicas

July 4|Tue|10:30
July 4|Tue|17:30
July 5|Wed|17:30
Arts Forum / Square in front of the Library / Atrium of Performirng Arts Center
人文廣場 / 圖書館前廣場 / 展演藝術


Free 免費觀賞

Session 演出場次

July 4
Arts Forum 人文廣場
July 4
Square in front of the Library 圖書館前廣場
July 5
Atrium of Performirng Arts Center 展演藝術中心中庭
It’s time to celebrate the latest achievements of Mexico, those that no country would want.
There is a typical Mexican tale, in which a man arrives to the doctor with a knife stabbed in his abdomen. When the doctor looks at him, the doctor asks if it hurts. The man replies, "only when I laugh". Our achievements make us laugh out loud.
Every country and region cannot escape from troubles; unfortunately in ours there are several which arise in a worldwide manner. In Mexico we make fun of everything, even when it hurts.
The Firsts is a feast of the things that shames, hurts and defines us as society.

Production 演出與製作團隊

Dedalo Artes Escenicas
The artistic project begins in 2009, in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora with the intention of satisfying the creative and artistic needs of its members, researching the topics that attracted them as individuals. The name Dedalo was chosen because the company believes every individual has virtues and faults like the mythological character.
The company searches to instigate the audience through their characteristic black humor and social criticism.

Dedalo Artes Escenicas is Ramiro Airola, Zuleima Burruel, Christian Durazo and Pedro Nuñez.
Choreography: Pedro Nuñez
Assistant: Mirna Estrada
Music: Marianetti, Wray, Hirt, Wagner and Mendoza
Costumes: Ramiro Airola
Performers: Ramiro Airola, Zuleima Burruel, Christian Durazo and Pedro Nuñez.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Plotnek

Duration 長度

35 mins

Language 語言

In English, Spanish without surtitles.

Special Notes 注意事項

Performed without intermission.

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