1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


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Sound Design Schedule

OISTAT Sound Design Group

July 2-July 8
All sound design events occur in T2103, Theater and Dance Building unless otherwise noted.


Free 免費觀賞

July 2

Presentation: Chi Po-Hai (TW)
“Sonification and Speaker Objects”
Presentation: Junghoon Pi (KR)
“Spatial Sound Design and Music Composition in Theatre”
Sound Design Group meeting & dinner (off-site TBA)
open meeting- all are welcome to attend
ListenHear event (off-site TBA)
Bassam Yaqout (EG)- Nout Eyes”
Brad Ward (US) - “Current Projects”
Duncan Chang (TW) - TBA
Erik T. Lawson (US) - “In Search of an Alluvial Shore”
Hong Ji (CN) - “Exploring Music Composition for Theatre”
Jethro Joaquin (PH) - “Sound Outreach”
Jing Yin (CN) - “Gods Or Ghosts?”
Joe Pino (US) - “Power Spots”
Jorge Hernández Jiménez-Smith (MX) & Yao Liao (TW) - “The Mushroomhead (or How to Be Audience and Performer at the Same Time Without Probably Noticing You Are Being Both)”
Rich Dionne (US) - “Repercussions and Reverberations: Movement, Sensors, Sound and Lights”
Richard Thomas (US) - “Music as a Chariot”
Yiran Zhang (CN) - “It Sounds Delicious”
Zhang LiXin (CN) - “Sound Reality”

July 3

Presentation: Jeremy Lee (US)
“Documenting live performances with ambisonic audio and 360º video”
Sound Kitchen (Session 1):
Mitja Nylund (FI) - “Chapel”
Nela Brown (UK), Roger Alsop (AU) & Tonny A (UK) - “In My Backyard”
Tao Chiang (TW) - “An Assortment of Permeable Cues”

July 4

Presentation: Jethro Joaquin (PH)
“From The Classroom To The Stage: Designing and Teaching Sound Design in the Philippines”
Sound Kitchen (Session 2):
Wonhee Shin (KR) - “Nine Tales”
Nick Erickson (US), Hong Ji (CN) & Yiran Zhang (CN) - “Sonic Limb”
Roger Alsop (AU) - “Sounding Finnegan’s Wake”
Cheng Lee (HK) - “The City, The Journey”
Sound Kitchen (Session 3):
Jessica Greenberg (US) - “Phantasmagoria”
Jing Yin (CN) - “Halloween”
Tzu-Chi Wu (TW) - “Nightmare”
Rick Thomas & Purdue Team (US) - “Choices theEDMatre”

July 5

Presentation: Sun Hee Kil (US/KR)
Sound Design in Asia and the US”
Sound Kitchen (Session 4):
Roger Mills (AU)Sonic Autopoiesis
Mojo Woo (TW) - “Water”
Jorg Schellekens (NL) - “Attam Attam”
Erik T. Lawson (US) & Joe Pino (US) - “Expected Silence”
Seth & Heather Warren-Chow (US) - “Exonumia”
Roger Alsop (AU) - “Acoustic AV Laptop”

July 6

Presenter: Yen-Ting Hsu (TW)
“Relationship Between Sound Design and Dance”
Sound Kitchen (Session 5)
Roger Mills (AU) - “ Tele-Improvisation: Cultures Of Sound in the Online Global Jam Session”
Anj Enriquez & Brendan Apuan (PH) - “Rollercoaster Of Emotions”
Jorge Hernández Jiménez-Smith (MX) & Yao Liao (TW) - “The Mushroom Head”

July 7

Presenter: Roger Alsop (AU)
Sounding Finnegan’s Wake: Reimagining James Joyce as Sound Artist”
Presenter: Kelvin Lin & Zhou Ping (TW)
“Spatial Recordings for Earphones” 
[note: attendees are requested to bring their personal headphones in order to participate in this presentation]

July 8

Special Sound Performances
An evening of performances featuring collaborative pieces created during the week of WSD2017 by teams of Sound Designers. Artists to be announced July 3.

Presenter Biographies:

Yenting Hsu is a sound artist who investigates the cultural context of sounds, explores the connection between life, environment and ethnic cultures, and reflects on the relationship between sounds and their surrounding world from an alternative angle. Using field recordings as her primary source material, Hsu creates audio documentaries, soundscapes and sound performances. Her works are characterized by an abundance of narrative qualities. Often forming an intimate relationship with local communities and artistic partners, Hsu likes to explore the inter-reflection between external cultures, environmental sounds and individual/collective memory and emotion. Over the past two years, Hsu’s sound pieces have increasingly explored the psycho-geographical dimensions, examining the profound connection between external soundscapes and inner reflections. Relying on narrative and imagination, Hsu now puts her focus on “sound novels” and continues to probe the interrelation between sounds, daily items and other mediums. She also works extensively with dance theaters as a sound designer.
Sun Hee Kil is a New York based sound designer/engineer from South Korea who works internationally since 2001.Her work includes from classical to contemporary, traditional to creative, and western to eastern recordings, plays, musicals, dance, operas, and video mapping, etc. She wants to help aural images of any storytelling and beautiful human lives.
Chi Po-Hao is a musician and sound artist from Taipei. He holds a Master of Music Degree from Goldsmiths College, University of London and Bachelors Degree in Economics from National Taiwan University. His primary medium is sound, with experiences in bands and event organizing. His works are principally involving but not limited to live electronic, electroacoustic composition and installation. He usually applies self-made tools and found objects that are based on electronic devices, everyday materials, and junk, as well as customized tools developed in Max/MSP in performances. His ongoing works are mainly concerned about the sensing of everyday rhythms when extending the interactions among perception, individual and environment;  investigating how people hear, interpret and represent the sound surrounding us;  and how sounds intervene with the space. He has done residencies at V2_Institute of Unstable Media in Rotterdam (2014), Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris (2015-16), Asia Art Archive in Hong Kong,(2016), and Laboral Centro de Arte in Gijon and  has toured Taipei, London, Wales, Manchester, Paris, Rotterdam, Beijing, Yinchuan, Lanzhou, Shenzhen and Macau, Hong Kong.

Photo Credit: Sound Kitchen PQ 2011, photo: Miroslav Halada

Duration 長度

7 Days

Language 語言

English / Non-verbal Performance.
英語 / 無語言演出。

Special Notes 注意事項


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