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Keynote Speech

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Keynote Speech|Breaking the Boundaries #3

Jean-Guy Lecat

July 4|Tue|11:00-12:00
Concert Hall


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WSD2017 Scenofestinvites the founder-Pamela Howard OBE to chair for this year’s keynote speeches. “Breaking the Boundaries"is the main concept as the speeches will be proceeded through interrogations.  Speakers include Ralph Koltai (through film), Susan Tsu, Jean-GuyLecat and Pamela Howard herself will share their lifetime experiences as interdisciplinary scenographers.  
2017世界劇場展邀請到Scenofest的發起人Pamela Howard 策畫Keynote speech系列講座,Pamela以「打破界線」為題,邀請了一輩子從事劇場設計的大師Ralph Koltai, Susan Tsu, Jean-Guy Lecat參與,以詰問方式分享他們的設計生涯。

Breaking the Boundaries
The term ' interdisciplinary work ' is no longer enough to refer to the tasks of a scenographer today.  Pamela Howard takes herself, Susan and Jean-Guy for examples, when they are totally collaborative at work, they also set up their own collaborative teams.A textile artist might be creating a piece of furniture, and a furniture maker could contribute to a visual installation.  A costume designer could be a scenographer, as the actors wearing their costume on stage becomes scenography.  It’s never too late to break a boundary.Art needs no walls or passports!
「跨領域」這個詞已不足以形容今日劇場設計者的工作。Pamela Howard以自身及此次分享者Susan及Jean-Guy為例,除了協同創作,設計家們也建立自己的創意殿堂。劇場中紡織設計師可能創造出一件傢俱,而傢俱設計師也能完成裝置藝術作品。當演員穿著戲服站在舞台中央,服裝設計師也算是佈景設計師。打破界線就是現在,藝術中沒有打不破的牆,更不需要通行證。



As a Theatre consultant and Scenographer Jean-Guy Lecat is a true “Engineer of the Imagination,” “ breaking the boundaries “ of traditional Theatre spaces to release fresh and provocative theatrical creations. His collaborationswiththeatremakers who feel traditional theatre walls can imprison the creative process of theatre today make vibrant and atmospheric events.
During the rehearsal process, he evaluates the proportions, quality, sources of energy, spaces, forms, and distances between actors, to create thrilling specific performance spaces thatprovide and respond to the city and its public.  He uses his great architectural experience to unite Art and Architecture to make a difference for theatre audiences in many countries throughout the world.

Jean-Guy Lecat 是想像力的工程師,運用自身建築師經驗,在排練過程中以精密的測量,設計出獨特的劇場空間。他打破界線,認為傳統劇場的鏡框監禁了空間裡的一切可能,於是結合藝術及建築,創造出各種新奇並引發話題的劇場設計。

Photo Credit: Jean-Guy Lecat

Duration 長度

60 mins

Language 語言

In English

Special Notes 注意事項

Earphone rental for simultaneous interpretations of Chinese/English:
NT$200 for each session

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