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Lecture|Scenography in Poland

Agata Skwarczyńska

July 9|Sun|15:00-16:00
R211, Research Building
研究大樓 R211


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The lecture will concentrate on the contemporary mainstream theatre in Poland. I will focus on the main tendencies and subjects that were present on the stage in the last five years. I will look at the role of scenography in the most significant performances in the following year. I will try to analyse whether the explorations and solutions in the field of the theatre’s visual arts were strengthening the message coming from the stage. There has been a discussion in the state founded theatre about the need of creating effective scenography on a substantial budget. It is claimed that education should be the main focus of the theatre rather than producing extended scenography projects. The question arises what the future of scenography is then and whether it is scenography’s final time.



Agata Skwarczyńska
I’ve created various stage designs for numerously theatrical scenes in Poland and Europe. Since 2008 I’vebeen working with WojciechFaruga(The Seagull  by Chekkov, Antony and Cleopatra by Shakespeare (2016), The Dollby Prus(2015), Queen Margotby Faruga(2014), The Leper. A melodramaby Mniszkówna(2014), Ashes collecting inside the sun by Pałyga(2014), Polish Bethelemby Faruga(2013) and All Saintsby Faruga (2012)). I’vealso worked with PawełWodziński, RemigiuszBrzyk, ŁukaszChotkowski, BartoszFrąckowiak, IgaGańczarczyk, Justyna Sobczyk, Nils Torpus, PawełSzkotak, PawełŁysak, Kuba Kowalski and others. Since 2007 I’vebeen cooperating with the 21 Theatre.
In 2008,I created the exhibition design for the Theatre During Martial Law exhibition at the Theatre Institute in Warsaw. In 2011, I curated and created the exhibition design and concept for the Polish National Exhibition on the Praque Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2011 (together with EwaMachnio). The exposition was also exhibited in the Polish Center of Scenography in Katowice (2011).
In 2015, I was awarded aGolden Maskprize for the bestset design for:QueenMargot.
The use of fabrics plays an important role in my artistic activities and is present in almost all my projects. I’ve experience in doing traditional weaving and ply-split braiding. In 2016,I was a textile artist in residency in Craft Village, New Delhi, India.
I participate in World Stage Design exhibition in Taipei in Taiwan 2017, where I presented two of my works: Antony and Cleopatraand The Leper. A melodrama.
In my designs, I’m interested in the symbiotic relation between an actor and the designed space. Despite of this, both elements exist separately whereas the actor’s body fills up the space, develops its character and gives it a new meaning.  Everything what demonstrates human nature is the main subject of my work, therefore, various forms that exist in the environment are very inspiring for me as they form the natural background of human life. I designs objects such as sculptures and installations.

Photo Credit: Agata Skwarczyńska

Duration 長度

1 Hour

Language 語言

In English without translation.

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